Lee Jung Hyun - Love Me 千面女孩 (China CD+DVD Album)


001. FUN FUN 03'02"

002. 我是你的唯一 (I'm Your Only One) ╱ 나만봐 (Just Look At Me) 03'50"

003. 你的轮廓 (The Way You Are) ╱ 틀 (Formula) 03'35"

004. LOVE ME 千面女孩 (Girl With a Thousand Faces) 3'54"

005. 完美男人守则 (The Rules of Perfect Man) ╱ Welcome To My Style [Chinese Version] 03'42"

006. WELCOME TO MY STYLE (original) [Korean Version] 03'42"

007. 奔跑 ╱ Run 03'29"

008. 男人总是让女人烦恼 ╱ 남자는 여자를 귀찮게 해 (Men Annoy Women) 03'40"

009. 怎么会这样 ╱ 어떻게 (How) 03'51"

010. 能否再爱一次 ╱ 또 사랑할 수 있을까 (Will I Be Able To Love Again) 04'45"

011. 恋歌 ╱ 연가 (Love Song) 03'15"

012. ALL IN 03'38"


Love Me [M/V]

Release Date: 2008-02-29

Publisher: Ocean Butterflies International

Catalog Number: 144760

Technically this is not a Chinese album, but a Chinese edition of Fantastic Girl with a different name. Released in limited quantity with a photo booklet and DVD.

Comes in a digipak containing ten songs from Fantastic Girl and two songs sung in Mandarin. Love Me is an original Chinese song and 完美男人守则 is a Chinese version of Welcome To My Style. Although there is an official Chinese version of I Love You, Cheol Soo, it wasn't included in this album.