Lee Jung Hyun - Let's go to My Star (Taiwan Limited Edition CD Album)

Overseas edition comes in a jewel case with a booklet that contains the artist's profile, Chinese lyrics, and pictures of Lee Jung Hyun as a warrior goddess. The obi strip translates "Korean popular queen's No. 1 album. Exclusive recording of Sammi's 眉飞色舞 and 独一无二 original soundtrack, this year's most highest electronic dance album".
1. - 00001

2. GX 339-4

3. Bird

4. 把你換掉

5. 怎麼會這樣

6. -00001.5

7. Ca Tient Moi

8. Tina Say

9. 打擊

10. Trance

11. 加樂瑪

12. I Love X

13. -00002

Release Date: 2001

Publisher: INSREA

Catalog Number: IR-0023

***Out of Print***

Copyright by PAN Production.
Licensed and distributed by INSREA.