Various Artists - 무한도전 - 올림픽 대로 (Korea CD Mini Album)

This album was sold exclusively at MBCtshop. Comes in a digipak with a booklet. Lee Jung Hyun and JunJin performed Senorita together at the Infinite Challege's Olympic Duet Song Festival.
01 Let's dance
(feat. Tiger JK, T 윤미래) ╱ Yoo Jae Suk

02 Senorita
(feat. Lee Jung Hyun) ╱ Junjin

03 바베큐 (B.B.Q)
(feat. Epik High) ╱ Jung Hyung Don

04 더위먹은 갈매기 (The Heat Gull)
(feat. No Brain) ╱ No Hong Chul

05 냉면 (Cool Noodles)
(feat. SNSD Jessica) ╱ Park Myung Soo

06 영계백숙 (Spring Chicken Soup)
(feat. After School) ╱ Jung Joon Ha

07 난 멋있어 (I Look Nice)
(feat. YB) ╱ Gil


내가 왔다 퓨처라이거╱유재석, Tiger JK, 윤미래

Release Date: 2009-11-07

Publisher: KT Music Company

Catalog Number: KTMCD-0027