Various Artists - 좋은세상 (Korea Campaign CD Album)

Not for sale. For campaign use only.

Compilation album comes in a jewel case with Lee Jung Hyun as the model for the cover jacket. This is a "Campaign CD" for Korean election. Singers that participated in the project are featured in this CD.

The CD also contains special videos of the campaign song "내가 선택한 세상 (The World I Choose)", cyber vote procedure and Jang Na Ra's "The Day I Became a Honorary Ambassador".
1. 파란      코요테
Paran      Koyote

2. 와      이정현
Come      Lee Jung Hyun

3. 그녀와의 이별      김현정
Good Bye To her      Kim Hyun Jung

4. Tears      소찬휘
Tears      So Chan Whee

5. 가까이      S#arp
Near      샵

6. 나를 슬프게 하는 사람들      김경호
People Who Makes Me Sad      Kim Kyung Ho

7. 이밤의 끝을 잡고      솔리드
Holding The End of The Night      Solid

8. 준비없는 이별      녹색지대
Good Bye Without Preparing      Nock Sack Ji Dae

9. 기도      정일영
Pray      Jung Il Young

10. 언젠가는      이상은
Sometime      Lee Sang Eun

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